Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Getting Up and Going In Circles

When I heard about the the FDA's ban on caffeinated alcoholic drinks yesterday, I happened at the time to have been drinking a mixture of coffee, soy creamer, and Irish whiskey. My body's been disapproving of milk products lately, and I was kind of saddened by the idea of never having Baileys again. When I read that Irish cream was mainly just cream and Irish whiskey, I decided to try the soy creamer with Bushmills and found it worked extremely well. I can't say it led to binge drinking, though.

So I guess statistically people drinking caffeinated alcohol are more likely to binge drink, but I really can't wrap my head around it. Does fatigue really stop people abusing alcohol? I suppose if you black out, but I think you're already in binge territory at that point.

Last night was the first alcohol I'd had since Thursday. I thought it was wise to avoid it after getting the wisdom teeth taken out, though I was only told to avoid carbonated beverages, that alcohol was really only bad if I was still bleeding, as it thins the blood. But I'm getting pretty tired of the accommodations for these tooth sockets. I'm tired of apple sauce and soup. I guess it's still a few days until I can have tortilla chips or anything, but I figured I was well enough in the clear for alcohol.

While drinking, I played World of Warcraft, checking out the changes after the previous night's Cataclysm. I took my Paladin, Dormouse (who appears to have taken off her new boots without my knowledge), to some kind of gnome and goblin controlled barge in the flooded Thousand Needles and started a bar fight.

There seem to be a lot of bugs still. Tim told me he ran into a giant shark stuck in Darnassus' harbour. And I had an old quest called "Missing header." But it was a good time. And since Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King finally went down in price, I bought Burning Crusade for just five dollars and created a Draenei mage called Nastassya (not yet on the WoW Armoury). I figured since the Draenei all have Russian accents a good Russian name would be appropriate, and I was pleased to nab the female lead from The Idiot.

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