Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Feline Missile Solution

When sabotaging nuclear warheads, most people neglect to bring a cat. This is just one of the many ways Gary Seven is more on top of things than most.

I watched the first episode of Assignment: Earth a couple days ago, a 1968 spy series. The twist was that Gary Seven was a human raised on an alien world and given alien technology to use in general espionage for justice.

The show features Terri Garr as Seven's kooky Earthling secretary Roberta. Apparently Garr was extremely upset by the shortness of the skirt she had to wear, but if I were her, I'd be more concerned about looking like a sherbet vender from the Renaissance.

It's hard to say much about the quality of the show from one episode. I do like the cat, especially in humanoid form;

Seven comes off as cool, despite the fact that he accidentally blows his cover with Roberta and she's easily able to figure out the combination on his safe which conceals his teleportation device. Still, he does have fake IDs which all use his real name;

A technology surpassing even that of the Enterprise crew, as shown when Kirk and Spock are of course immediately taken into custody and their devices confiscated, because that's what always happens when they try to pass undetected in an undeveloped culture or in Earth's past.

Oh, yeah, "Assignment: Earth" was the season finale of Star Trek's second season in addition to being a backdoor pilot to the unproduced spy series. But you'd hardly know it; Kirk and Spock are pretty constantly sidelined. There's a pretty hilarious Captain's Log entry while they're captured, which apparently Kirk just makes with his mind.

I think my Japanese final went all right last night, but even if I failed, my grade was good enough I'll still pass the class. To-night my only class is taught by one Morrissey-sensei. He's always at a different venue when he comes to San Diego, this time at the Sports Arena which wants twenty dollars for parking. I think I'd better get going soon so I can park in the closest residential area.

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