Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Web Schedules

The first garden spider of the year. It seems like I've been seeing them earlier every year. This one is currently tiny--I'm afraid I had to tear down his web to get the trash cans to the street, but I let him get to a nearby leaf first.

More pictures I've taken lately;

Mainly to-day I've been working on my comic, the first chapter of which, by the way, will be online next Saturday, June 9.

I'm going to be doing this comic a little differently--I can no longer afford to go years concentrating exclusively on a comic, so to accommodate my school schedule, I'll be doing this one in segments. This summer, June, July, and August, I'll be putting a new chapter up every two weeks, and that'll be Part 1. Part 2 will begin in January 2013, consisting of chapters I've done at a much slower pace over the fall. I honestly hate to do it this way, but I'd hate to put school on hold, too. So I hope this works out. I guess it'll be pretty much like television seasons tend to be nowadays.

Twitter Sonnet #390

Orthopaedic octaves buttress bad songs.
Squeaking scotch skins the Goliath's bathtub.
Uranium rights midnight drugstore wrongs.
Bigamists bow to the five dollar sub.
Broccoli arms span the astronaut's garage.
Health beats horror into a cheap starship.
Native Nibelungs deny gnome's mirage.
Pigs call porcupines for extra ketchup.
Telephone holes inhibit slow sunlight.
Minotaur traffic trampled red signals.
Gangrenous Otter Pops prove Lime was right.
Space's suns rise and set round Orson Welles.
Storage weeks can withstand cluttered closets.
Night conceals armies of Farrah Fawcetts.

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