Wednesday, December 23, 2015

There's Everything Around

This cat approached me on the last day of school last week, seen here clearly puzzling over the fact that I didn't manage to get her completely in frame. She's always watched me from a distance but that day she came over to be pet like it was the most normal thing in the world.

Here's a hawk and a crow taking turns chasing each other from that same day:

Here are some doodles from this semester's notebooks:

Twitter Sonnet #823

Drums casually walk past concessions.
Good spiders busily will pop the maize.
White painted eyes will watch conquest sessions.
Drape breezes smoke to night time's later phase.
Biscotti decoy brain blizzards settle
A score divided wrong between the games
And wars misdiagnosed for kid's mettle
Who's always gluing drones to lion's manes.
Untested rains glimpsed via bank hammers
Quiet dissent throughout the hat shop's door
Founded solidly on errant spammers
Performing live on the bottom floor.
The hand of all the ghosts pushed us down.
A voice golem's sealed in an iron gown.

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