Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Three Sudden Generations

This former teen idol still looks too young to be a grandfather as he'd be the first to tell you. But a grandfather he is which he discovers--along with the fact that he's a father--in 2008's Scandal Makers. The original Korean title translates, according to Wikipedia, to "Speedy Scandal", which is far more appropriate to describe how suddenly Nam Hyeon-soo's life is turned upside down in this cute, entertaining comedy melodrama.

Nam Hyeon-soo (Cha Tae-hyun) has retired from the pop music business to become a radio host who offers wholesome, conservative advice to callers. Little does he know the single mother calling into the show asking whether she should confront her father is in fact the daughter he never knew he had. He tells her to go to see her father immediately and he finds her and her little son waiting at his apartment that evening.

Despite a lot of over the top, goofy flailing about as he tries at first to hide them from his girlfriend (whom he abruptly breaks up with), Hyeon-soo eventually takes his medicine and lets them stay. After a paternity test proves 100% he's the father of Hwang Jae-in (Park Bo-young), they settle into a domestic life he keeps completely secret from the public--until she decides she wants to become a pop star like her old man. Of course, the grandson can also play piano like a master and Dad is absurdly overshadowed.

The story's not remarkable--he establishes a friendship with the grandson (Wang Seok-hyeon) who adorably beats him at cards, there's a third act rupture where it seems like this family's not going to stay together--pretty predictable stuff. The actors are relatively charming, though, and while Cha Tae-hyun is over the top he isn't too annoying. Park Bo-young is pretty and gives a performance with real energy and creativity.

This is one of those movies I watched because it came up when I clicked for a random Wikipedia article which has resulted in giving me worse movies than this. This wasn't so bad.

Twitter Sonnet #818

The ink awaits the plane of quilless eyes.
No blank redrawn correspondence was stuck.
Repeats between the lanes of faultless pies
Are cherry, pumpkin, lemon feats of pluck.
Potato Tammany hours ascend.
The holy order wrenched the call to canes.
Remembered stalks torment but don't offend
The corn with straw hat scarecrow lion manes.
Remains of beachless sand fell in the dark.
A peevish monk unlocked the mind's giraffe.
No nuns could find a decent place to park.
A lemon wine flowed from the glass carafe.
Epoxy legs stampede across the free.
All hands prepare for an adhesive fee.

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