Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Snow and Weird

It snowed to-day on my way to the school where I work! To my untrained San Diego eyes, they looked like little flecks of dust. I durst not hope I was actually seeing snow but then I heard the students walking ahead of me saying, "Yuki!" One student told me the last time it snowed around here was seven years ago. It probably won't pile up but it was still a nice thing to see in December.

To-day was the last day of art club this year at my current school--starting to-morrow, there are parent meetings and tests until the winter break. So I brought home some of the surreal doodles I've been doing with mechanical pencil lately.

The challenge is to see how much I can draw without making a mistake. So far I've avoided using an eraser.

This was maybe my most ambitious:

It's supposed to be the Seventh Doctor and Ace. Among other things, I think I drew the Doctor too small. But it could've been worse, I guess. Goodness, it's hard to type when my fingers are this cold. Maybe I ought to buy a heater.

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