Friday, May 01, 2009

Attempting to Grasp Daylight

Twitter Sonnet #14

Medieval medicine works to-day.
Strange passing girl, what are you screaming at?
The mead is quite good to-night, I must say.
And now Arlen Specter's a Democrat.
It seems I too often forget to eat.
They're fucking Gulliver's Travels again;
This one stars Jack Black and Amanda Peet--
Another kid's movie; adults can't win.
Some spurned meat shocked and saddened the waitress.
Need to remember to drink my coffee.
Wonder when fact's worthier than a guess.
Always a good time is philosophy.
Warcraft is but wind on an empty stage.
But all pleasures are shadows of long age.

I'll probably make a longer post later, but I want to get out of the house while the sun's still out. Remember, new Venia's Travels online to-day.

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