Monday, May 04, 2009

These are the Sprites in Your Neighbourhood

Twitter Sonnet #15

Segways are totally radical, dude.
With coffee is ravioli breakfast.
I'm in a defiantly idle mood.
A quick calm that the weekend can't quite last.
I've decided days should not be this short.
I barely had time to cross Xanadu.
I do make martinis of the best sort.
Gin and just a pinch of vermouth will do.
I'm tired of hitting bats and zombies.
Wonder what Japanese film I'll watch next.
I guess there was a problem here with bees.
For killers seem inadequately vexed.
I mean, the bees were just the normal kind.
Tweet sonnets don't mean I'm losing my mind.

Yes, I was finally bit by the stocky, Popeye forearmed World of Warcraft bug. I bought it a couple weeks ago, let it install over four motherfucking hours on Thursday, and I've been playing about an hour a night ever since--I have a zombie warrior named Lelia (on the Echo Isle server if anyone wants to start shit with me). I've only gotten her up to level five, and so far it's mostly been about hitting bats and mindless zombies. I finally ventured out of the starting area to fight some things way out of my league and I spent a lot of time running back from the graveyard last night. Again, I couldn't find it in me to play more than an hour. Tim said to me something like, "You can easily reach level 10 in just two hours!" I just can't imagine spending more than an hour at this thing.

On the other hand, I was big into Warcraft 2 six or seven years ago. I beat the game several times and even made a lot of levels of my own with that game's really nice editor programme. I'd make theme levels--I had one that was just hundreds of sheep roaming around, and I had a number of levels that had a third faction consisting of only one ogre and one farm, isolated among some forested area like a big, two headed hermit. Interestingly, World of Warcraft has maintained a feel very similar to the older game. The blood elves seem to be the only genuinely attractive thing, but there is a sort of goofy sweetness about everything else. And all the locations feel a lot like Disneyland with all the impressionistic artificial blue, yellow, and red lighting.

Not much else to say about yesterday. I worked on the next Venia's Travels script. I'm thinking I might rewrite the last two pages to-day.

Happy Star Wars Day, everyone. To-day, no-one's too short to be a stormtrooper.

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