Saturday, May 30, 2009

Find Yourself an Amenable Means of Conveyance

Last night's tweets, in which I attempt again to disabuse Americans of their pronunciation of "sake" as "saw key";

A tea bucket was followed by sake.
And an extra helping of wasabi.
Choked down big novelty sushi okay.
All of which helped me defeat a zombie.

I went back to the Japanese place that serves their tea in buckets before I went to Tim's house last night. I picked up for Tim a teriyaki chicken bento box that included four pieces of sushi he wouldn't eat, as well as an extra dollop of wasabi. You know life is good when there's superfluous wasabi.

I played a little Fallout 3 at Tim's last night, quickly finding the hidden location known as "Rockopolis" (Trisa, if you're reading, there's a burning trash can in front of it. I found the place rather quickly walking directly west from Smith Casey's garage at night). I'm at the point in the plot where the character Liam Neeson voices is your companion and it's almost as fun running around with him as it was running around with Sean Bean's character in Oblivion.

Then I came back here, heated some sake, and drank while dying several times attempting to finish a World of Warcraft quest slightly too hard for my level 10--who looks like this, by the way;

It is with infinite sorrow Lelia slaughters her fellow zombies one after another, and it is with equally great sorrow she finds herself slaughtered again and again. Someone tried to talk to me last night, offering to kill Maggot Eye for me. I'd already completed that quest, as I wished to tell him, but I couldn't speak because I'm not really sure how to work the chat controls yet. Instead, Lelia simply looked at him with, you guessed it, great sorrow.

Eventually, Tim showed up with one of his level 80 characters and killed the zombies who'd been killing me repeatedly, at which point I discovered I wasn't even in the right place.

Last night, Natalie questioned the feasibility of a woman riding a horse naked, re: the new Venia's Travels. So I feel compelled to post these;

Not from a porno, even, but a publicity stunt in Hyde Park a year ago for a Lady Godiva movie, apparently also tied to raising cancer awareness. One of my favourite things about this universe is that Lady Godiva's considered a feminist symbol.

Then again, there's this article regarding findings of "Subclinical Clitoral Microtraumatisms" for some women just for riding astride (as opposed to side saddle). But I imagine there are actually cases where clitorises might find themselves quite amenable to some horseback related microtraumatisms. I readily imagine it, in fact.

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