Thursday, May 28, 2009

Taking Cues

My computer has started randomly shutting off lately. So far it's only happened no more than twice a week, but it's starting to worry me. Hopefully it's a software problem, but it sure seems like a hardware problem.

It's disheartening to see that the Obama administration is seeking to block the release of photos showing the abuse of Iraqi prisoners to be more extensive than has yet been revealed. I do believe identities of people in the photos ought to be concealed, but I think it's important for the American people to see these. Belief in our moral superiority is one of the factors that led to this--few people are more dangerous than those who are absolutely certain of their goodness. That rape and other forms of sexual abuse were rampant doesn't surprise me in the least--it brings to mind John Huston's line in Chinatown about how most men never have to face the fact that under the right circumstances they're capable of anything. Which is another reason we need a strong leadership making it clear that this sort of behaviour is unacceptable.

Anyway, I'm short on time yet again to-day . . .

Last night's tweets;

To-day had scotch twixt two pots of coffee.
I felt like a sing-along bouncing ball.
Energy state's set now on atrophy.
Somehow green tea yet has a siren call.

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