Sunday, May 03, 2009

Spain . . . Seemed to be in Spain . . .

Friday night's tweets;

Segways are totally radical, dude.
With coffee is ravioli breakfast.
I'm in a defiantly idle mood.
A quick calm that the weekend can't quite last.

I ate breakfast at Olive Garden using a gift card I'd had for almost a year and then decided it would be a good day to use the zoo pass my mother had given me. It was only when I'd driven all the way to the zoo that I discovered the damn place closes at 4pm--it was already 5pm.

So, I decided to roam about nearby Balboa Park;

From an amphitheatre that inevitably reminded me of One Wonderful Sunday.

There's a triumphant fellow.

Anatomically correct horse statue. I was reminded of an Oblivion mod someone made to remove the genitalia from the horses in that game. What the fuck is happening to people? This statue was finished in 1930 by Anna Hyatt Huntington--it is "El Cid Campeador".


"In Xanadu did Kubla Khan a stately pleasure dome decree!" You might recognise this from the news reel at the beginning of Citizen Kane.

This is now The Museum of Man. Detail;

A bridge over the freeway leads right into Balboa Park. The speed limit's 5mph, but of course people come right through at 20mph. I was noticing Friday how everyone around here seems to drive really fast only to walk really fucking ponderous when they reach their destination.

View from the bridge.

Looking down--the freeway I took to get there.

Actual segways in the wild. I couldn't believe it. I asked permission to take the picture but the looks on their faces, I think, clearly say, "You're judging us, aren't you?" The only thing that could make this picture more perfect is if I'd gotten some Mexican day labourers in the background.

Shot of the carillon tower from one of the gardens.

A deserted, out of the way path. Dig the roots on that tree.

Can you see the rabbit?

Have you spotted him yet?

How can anyone see this and deny the existence of The Great Old Ones?

The amphitheatre again, now getting near sunset.

The sunset.

When I got to the parking lot, I heard this;

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