Friday, May 15, 2009

The Value of Sugar, Regardless of Success

Watched a bit of Vertigo again while eating breakfast. Have I mentioned how I love that movie? I was thinking this time about how readily Judy supports Scottie's argument for not taking her home after she'd fallen into the bay--she quickly says it would've been a bad idea because, "I wouldn't have known you." Which really doesn't make any sense, but she breezes past it and it's enough to satisfy Scottie and, I guarantee you, most of the first time viewing audience, just like no-one probably thought it was strange that Elster offers to let Scottie see her while he was still trying to decide whether he'd follow her--as though seeing what she looked like were a vital factor in deciding whether she needed help. Anyone who thinks Judy's stupid or weak willed has fallen under hers and Elster's machinations as much as Hitchcock's.

My tweets of last night;

Thursday seems to be the new Friday here.
Saw college kids mob the liquor aisle.
To-day English music I had to hear.
Switched between The Clash and Cream a while.

I went to The Living Room for coffee and I stopped at Ralph's to get pasta sauce--I've never seen so many college kids out at 1am. The truth is, the bad economy isn't affecting massive portions of the San Diego population--the cost of living in San Diego is one of the highest in the county and all these kids are quite matter-of-factly treating Thursday like Friday. The whole city's a Cadbury Egg.

I kind of wanted to watch a movie last night, but I ended up at The Internet Archive downloading a bunch of public domain music from the 1920s and 1930s, mostly Josephine Baker. Then I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer with dinner, "School Hard", the first episode with Spike and Drusilla. Boy, the whole show changes right there. Spike comes on as a villain a million times more interesting than anything that came before (or after, for that matter), by simply having more going on in his life, character-wise, than being evil and wringing his hands and wanting to kill Buffy. Drusilla's neat, too. Suddenly the villains are people and you want to know more about them. I love how Spike calls Angel an "Uncle Tom".

But Spike's stunt double sure wasn't working yet. The show's fight scenes were already pretty sloppy looking when compared to Dollhouse--Buffy was noticeably feistier and broader in the upper torso when she wasn't facing the camera--but, gods, is it so hard to match a wig?

Remember, new Venia's Travels to-day.

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