Friday, July 10, 2009

Can't You Think of a Question for the Ourang Outang?

The music in that one is "Light of Green" by Nakagawa Koutarou from the Code Geass soundtrack. I was finally able to get to the zoo yesterday because I'd somehow finished the last two pages of the new Venia's Travels on Wednesday night, and the zoo finally has decent hours for people like me during the summer.

I got a lot more pictures and video than I'm posting now--I may post more to-morrow.

These hyenas really seemed to want to go somewhere and do something. The music's Bernard Herrmann from the Psycho soundtrack.

This was already late in the day--the zoo was closing at 9pm and I'd gotten there at around 6pm, but the time really flew by.


A kind of tree kangaroo. He'd been sulking with his back turned until the moment I took the photo.

The zoo's doing something called "Elephant Odyssey" right now, but this topiary elephant is the only elephant I managed to see. I did see a hippo, though;

The kids were particularly annoying here--they clearly didn't care at all about the hippopotamus, and were just bored out of their annoying little skulls. The music's one of the variations on Yukino Miyazawa's theme by Shiro Sagisu from the His and Her Circumstances soundtrack.

Slumbering gila monster. The glare on the glass in the reptile house made it just about impossible to get good pictures.

These snakes had plans, I could tell;

The music's "Grey Clouds" by Franz Liszt, which I got off the Eyes Wide Shut soundtrack.

This might as well be video--this turtle did not move a muscle.

View of Balboa Park from inside the zoo.

A pig of some kind.

Twitter Sonnet #38

All centaurs are more human than satyrs.
Neither of them ought to be sawed in half.
In dreams dwell the advocates for waiters.
Who are real humans in the final math.
Italian album takes twenty seeds.
Now deluged by sundry contributions.
Every earnest, hidden muppet has needs.
But they skip the bukkake ablutions.
There's no rain holds a candle to whiskey.
But the Roo cannot to-night be consoled.
Camera weary at dusk is the monkey.
But no-one in this house has yet been sold.
The convenient vehicle is too tall.
Teacup totem ladders too quickly fall.

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