Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Fiddler has Come for Comic-Con

I was dead tired at Comic-Con at 4pm to-day and was making an effort to leave early but cool things just kept happening. Every day at this Con, I've filled up my camera's four gigabyte memory card with pictures and photos, most of which I'm really pleased to have gotten. I have a lot to write about, and I'll probably start with the big "Con reports" to-morrow or Monday. But first, since she was one of the greatest things I saw at the Con, I want to share this video of a fiddler called Linda, who was playing on the street outside the convention centre and was kind enough to let me take this video;

Watching her, it seems like she must have been playing that thing in her sleep at age 2. I mean, when she picks up that dollar, she goes right back into that complicated bit like a lightswitch. The precise and rapid movements of her tiny fingers juxtaposed with the traffic and oblivious people walking by seemed absolutely unreal.

Twitter Sonnet #43

The strange dizzy crayfish has crossed my path.
Comic-Con moved me fast for no reason.
I haplessly escaped all schemes of math.
For all nihoncha there is a season.
Johnny Depp but lightly graced Comic-Con.
This year the Harley Quinns are out in force.
They line with Torgos and wizards the lawn.
To Hall H has never been a smooth course.
Amanda Palmer's good at being still.
But I've discovered she's not really dead.
Found Haruhi on a high window sill.
Looking for lunch, found Gene Simmons instead.
Met a Delvian who knows symmetry.
And saw a great sanguine Ray Bradbury.

And Happy Birthday, Cryptess.

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