Thursday, July 09, 2009

"The Best Thing to Get Us Dry Would be a Caucus Race"

Two pretty wild dreams to-day--the first, I dreamt I was taking part in some kind of celebrity charity foot race where the runners had to carry the large egg (about the size of a watermelon) of an endangered bird to the finish line--there was only one egg, and only the person carrying the egg could officially be the winner. I'd just read Roger Ebert's review for Bruno before going to bed, so maybe that explains why there were two Sacha Baron Cohen's in the race--a good one and an evil one. There was also Bill Corbett and Ian Holm in his Bilbo Baggins costume. For some reason, the egg was already broken at the top and clay like, yellow yolk protruded from the fissure and was bigger than it, as though it had spilled out, foamed, and then froze. There were also markings in black felt pen all over the egg, none of which I could decipher, except one of them appeared to be a crude eye. No-one seemed to mind the egg's less than fresh state.

I remember winning the race, despite the machinations of the evil Sacha Baron Cohen, but some kind of technicality I'm not clear on prevented me from accepting official victory. I actually woke up laughing when a stop motion animation triumphantly announced, with a grey clay building from which emerged a flag like at the end of a Super Mario Brothers level, "And the winner is . . . Undisclosed Enterprise!"

I don't remember much else about that dream except a scene with Jason Mewes at a supermarket that seemed like a deleted scene from Mallrats.

In my second dream, I woke up to discover that I'd become an attractive young black woman. I even had a new set of clothes--a rather nice, stylised red velvet three piece suit and fedora. None of my friends or family believed I was me, and seemed angered by my attempts to convince them. So I was wandering the neighbourhood alone at night when I saw something moving quickly about the street that might have been a dog, but it was much too fast. When it got closer, I saw it was a bird--it had a curved, eagle-like beak, wings, and four legs, like a big dog or cat. It kind of skittered about on, I guess, talons, poking about the gutter, trying to find something. I brought out my camera and got some really great footage, though at first it seemed I wouldn't as it immediately leapt into the sky when I pressed record, turning into a tiny dot of light before circling back down to the ground to give me a fabulous close-up. Somehow I knew it was okay to pet it, and I scratched under the feathers of its neck, wary of the very dangerous looking beak.

"It's a hippogriff," said one of the neighbours, standing a few feet away.

Later in the dream, I eventually managed to convince my sister I was who I said I was, but no-one else would believe me. I remember wearing armour and encountering an evil king at one point, too.

Last night's tweets;

Italian album takes twenty seeds.
Now deluged by sundry contributions.
Every earnest, hidden muppet has needs.
But they skip the bukkake ablutions.

I was downloading a collection of songs by Italian singer Mina when, remembering a self described "bukkake queen" and her Italian boyfriend who were on Howard Stern a couple weeks ago, I couldn't help imagining the concept of torrent seeding as bukkake. I was downloading Mina because I had a sudden impulse to have the Goodfellas soundtrack, only I discovered on the CD's Amazon listing that the official soundtrack only has 12 tracks, which right off the bat seems wrong, considering there was music constantly throughout the movie, and there were several notable omissions, like the Sex Pistols' "My Way" and all the Rolling Stones' songs. The absence of the Stones' songs didn't surprised me, since I know their greedy former manager is notorious for charging obscene amounts of money to license early Rolling Stones, and this, I suspect, is why The Rolling Stones aren't as prominent in the culture's mind as they used to be.

Anyway, a commenter on Amazon posted this useful tracklisting of songs actually used in Goodfellas, which led to some sonic adventures for me last night;

1. TONY BENNETT - "Rags To Riches"
2. THE MOONGLOWS - "Sincerely"
3. THE CLEFTONES - "Can't We Be Sweethearts"
4. GIUSEPPE DI STEFANO - "Firenze Sogna"
6. THE CADILLACS - "Speedo"
7. GIUSEPPE DI STEFANO -"Parlami d'Amore Mariu"
10. JOHNNY MATHIS - "It's Not For Me To Say"
11. MINA - "This World We Love In (Il Cielo In Una Stanza)"
12. BETTY CURTIS -- "I Will Follow Him (Chariot)"
13. THE CRYSTALS -- "Then He Kissed Me"
14. THE HARPTONES -- "Life Is But A Dream"
15. THE CHANTELS -- "Look Into My Eyes"
16. THE SHANGRI-LAS -- "Leader of the Pack"
17. BOBBY VINTON -- "Roses Are Red"
18. cast -- "Toot, Toot, Tootsie Goodby"
19. cast -- "Happy Birthday To You"
20. DEAN MARTIN -- "Ain't That A Kick In The Head"
21. JERRY VALE -- "Pretend You Don't See Her"
22. THE CRYSTALS -- "He's Sure the Boy I Love"
23. THE SHANGRI-LAS -- "Remember (Walkin' In The Sand)"
24. DONAVAN -- "Atlantis"
25. ARETHA FRANKLIN -- "Baby I Love You"
26. BOBBY DARIN -- "Beyond the Sea"
27. JACK JONES -- "Wives and Lovers"
28. TONY BENNETT -- "The Boulevard of Broken Dreams"
29. THE ROLLING STONES -- "Monkey Man"
30. THE ROLLING STONES -- "Gimme Shelter"
31. THE RONETTES -- "Frosty The Snow Man"
32. DARLENE LOVE -- "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)"
33. cast -- "Danny Boy"
34. CREAM -- "Sunshine Of Your Love"
35. THE DRIFTERS -- "Bells of St. Marys"
37. VITO AND THE SALUTATIONS -- "Unchained Melody"
38. HARRY NILSSON -- "Jump Into The Fire"
39. GEORGE HARRISON -- "What Is Life"
40. THE ROLLING STONES -- "Memo From Turner"
41. MUDDY WATERS -- "Mannish Boy"
42. THE WHO -- "The Magic Bus"
43. SID VICIOUS -- "My Way"

A couple of these I still haven't been able to find, most significantly any Giuseppe di Stefano. But I did manage to find a number of flac versions of tracks, which I suspect are of much higher quality than the 1990 soundtrack. But the Mina stuff turned out to be lousy remixes from 2004. Why do people do that shit?

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