Thursday, July 16, 2009

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Der Sonnet des Nibelungen

The big box is the one that won't open.
Good cheese is quite impossible to slice.
Don't submit any requests to Oden.
Your boxes and cheeses aren't worth his price.
Don't pair up Thor with Florence Nightingale.
Yoghurt's all the mana anyone needs.
Valkyries suck at delivering mail.
Every one her mark she always exceeds.
Fenrir's massacring morning papers.
Still just Michael Jackson news anyway.
My energy at three sharply tapers.
Though if Freya wanted me I'd make way.
Good ash trees are too rare around this town.
Signal from Yggdrasil often goes down.

I don't think I got enough sleep last night. It's the kind of thing I can't tell until I start drawing. Moving sluggishly to-day--I'll stop moving and it takes me five minutes to realise I stopped moving. Must . . . press . . . on . . . too much . . . to do . . .

Let's see how many of you can figure out what's going on in this video;

That's the opening from Maria Holic, a series I'm enjoying even more on the second viewing. Somehow, the Japanese company that produced the series has managed to crack down on some above the board U.S. fan distribution of it, including a curious set of videos on YouTube that I can't view--a message displays telling me that the videos aren't viewable in my country due to copyright. I hope this means these bozos are actually planning on distributing Maria Holic in the U.S., but I suspect it's far too cool for U.S. anime distributors, who always seem to be finding new ways to be out of touch with the anime fan base here. Though what, exactly, the point is of having unsubbed YouTube clips viewable in Japan but not in the U.S. is completely beyond me.

Last night I watched "Hush", one of the legendary Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes. I still think it was pretty good, and it was nice to have Tara introduced finally. It's weird how much she seems like a female Kirk Cobain early on. It'll be really nice for Willow to have something to do besides being nauseating. It's weird--and I remember feeling the same way when I watched the show through the first time--Willow could not deliver a bad line for me in the first three seasons. Somehow, everything she said was cool. But in the fourth season, it was like she became too conscious (or rather the writers became too conscious) of her cuteness and it spoiled. She began saying things like "poop head", things that are beneath even Warwick Davis' Willow (get it? 'cause he's a dwarf? Not many things are literally beneath him? It's gold, I tell you). I am glad she didn't sleep with A-Rod, like Willow Palin.

Anyway, I'm hoping now that I've matured into a marginally more benevolent person, I'll be able to dig some of the ultra syrupy Willow/Tara scenes. After all, I actually truly love this;

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