Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Human Skull is Not a Fruit Rollup

Last night's tweets;

I think I timed to-day's burrito wrong.
By drowsy lunch I was nearly beaten.
My work'll be out of time before long.
And now tweet 666--hail Lord Satan!

To-day barely even feels real--my alarm woke me up at noon, when I was in the middle of a deep sleep. Hopefully to-morrow will be easier. I've been working on my comic all day, and I'll probably upload chapter 30 to-night or to-morrow morning. Maybe.

So tired. What else can I say? It's all tired, all the time for Setsuled at this moment.

Listened to Howard Stern while inking and colouring the past couple days. Sunday I listened to the round table critics commentary on Seven Samurai again. What a great movie. The third critic, whose name I can't remember, focused on how the film is about blurring of the lines in social strata, who Kikuchiyo is the perfect example as a "a circle who wants to become a triangle", referencing the standard Heihachi makes. I love Kikuchiyo.

The new commentary is so much better than the Michael Jeck commentary from the first Criterion release of the film, but the Jeck commentary isn't really a terrible commentary. Here's a nice clip from it;

Forcing thoughts into concrete form is almost painful right now. I'd feel happier to let them float as contented wisps.

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