Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Bread Battles

Twitter Sonnet #159

Wedges of plastic shed from a cheese pig.
A dark, wood inn tumbles off a blue whale.
Red ants take debris from an oil rig.
Steel grain sold for one sugar cone per bale.
Gunshot asphalt enflames a naked couch.
Patriots lay exposed to molten rock.
Serfs sing of the freedom of Igor's slouch.
The American tit's a steel wind sock.
Blank lucky fish flood a vending machine.
False milk nourishes a bowl of ramen.
Meaningless forms are mailed to Martin Sheen.
Billboards promote simulated famine.
Burger buns rocket to the reedy lake.
Microwave wants dictate new ways to bake.

I've started to really look forward to having stale bread. I took some more hamburger buns down to the ducks to-day.

They were already watching me when I walked up. I could tell they knew what was coming. I sat down and they swarmed around me in moments. I was feeding one to my left when I felt this one gently rest her bill on my knee.

The mud hens (or American Coot) got a lot closer this time. I love their yellow and green lettuce feet.

You can see a couple chicks in the background taking instruction from a duck.

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