Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Too Many People Quick to Diagnosis

Twitter Sonnet #164

Untied laces stop a parking lot dream.
Street light boundaries tip diagonally.
Dark eyelids dictate a map story's seam.
Abused subwoofers bleed sound uselessly.
Soon tumbling light washes colour from clothes.
Extra cold potatoes hold a carrot.
Spandex serves the master pear shapes it chose.
Shirt guns blast Apollo from chariot.
Mannequin hides clothe cinema's new Thor.
Blank corn cobs write plastic feather history.
America's no major to ignore.
Blue helmets crush digital chemistry.
Liquid base drizzles on a tentacle.
A butcher knife breaks on a pentacle.

This whole story about USDA official Shirley Sherrod is just fucking amazing. The White House fired Sherrod based on footage being played all day on Fox News indicating that she allowed racial bias to influence her job and now, of course, we find out that Fox News was lying, had played edited footage of Sherrod at an NAACP event of her giving a speech actually in substance opposite of what it appeared to be in the footage aired on Fox News. And now the White House is apologising to Sherrod, this after Obama had rather strongly spoken against Fox News on several occasions. And here he had leapt to for one of their phoney crusades. Two things I hope come from this--I hope the Obama administration quits hedging its bets already (Ha!) and I hope this finally puts Fox News in a lead coffin and dumps off a barge. But of course, that's not going to happen so long as a mob idiots keeps giving Fox News high ratings.

It's like people are afraid to call a spade a spade. Remember when Joe Quesada had to apologise for an issue of Captain America that showed Tea Party protesters holding signs comparing Obama to Hitler, because of course the Tea Party wasn't to be called racist? Well, that story's pretty funny now.

Anyway, I need to cut this short--I have a lot to do to-day in preparation for Comic-Con. It looks like I'll be missing the Danny Elfman panel to-morrow morning because I need to pick up Cryptess from the airport, but by picking up to-morrow's pass to-day, I should have time for some of the evening and possibly afternoon stuff. I might try catching the Look Around You panel. Blog entries may be short and scarce for the next four days, obviously.

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