Wednesday, July 14, 2010

No-one is Numb to Dogs

Another trip to the dentist's to-day, this time to get my lower left teeth cleaned, the area that had been bothering me yesterday. The dentist told me there was nothing particularly bad in the x-rays (aside from all the cavities). I think the pain had to do with how this cleaning has forced me to favour one side of my jaw and maybe also just how my nerves are set up there--when I got the anaesthetic to-day, the needle hurt a lot more than the other times. When she did my front lower teeth, I could feel the needle in my chin. It felt like I'd cut myself shaving. But I got much more numb than the other two times--my tongue went completely dead, which was certainly interesting. She said this happens when the needle gets closer to the nerve. I had to be really careful with my bite for hours.

When I got home, I took a bunch of stale hamburger buns to the river for the ducks, but I found a woman from Devon, England, there with three energetic dogs who'd scared off the ducks. The dogs were Coffee, Cookie, and Winn.

That's Coffee (probably not Coffy), the alpha.

After the woman and the dogs left, I waited for the ducks to return, but they wouldn't venture very close to the bank. I eventually decided to save the bread for another day, when they'd gotten their courage back, but while I was waiting I took some pictures of the surrounding area;

And I finally found out what the caterpillars eat;

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