Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Running of the Bulls

I snapped this picture in my car on the way back from the dentist office to-day. The big No Right Turn sign flashes--it's new. Apparently the littler red arrow didn't prevent people from driving right into the path of the approaching trolley anyway. Morons.

I've started watching the "Mind Robber" Doctor Who serial, compulsively watching two episodes in one sitting, a big difference from the somewhat less impressive "Dominators" serial or, as I like to call it, "Men Wearing Skirts in Low Angle Shots".

It wasn't the cloth bamboo screen corsets the men wore that kind of wrecked the serial--it was the villains themselves, the titular Dominators, seen here in their customary Juggernaut costumes;

Their dialogue consisted of a pretty reliable algorithm.

Toba; "Sir, a building! Shall I destroy it?"

Rago; "No! We Must conserve energy!"

Toba; "Sir, I destroyed three aliens!"

Rago; "Fool! We must conserve energy!"

Toba; "Sir! Someone's throwing rocks at me! Shall I destroy . . ."

And so on. It was kind of unfortunate as the guys playing the Dominators seemed like they might actually be pretty badass in other circumstances.

After last night's post, I went outside and found the big spider was in the process of hurriedly spinning a web around a still struggling beetle;

Music's "The Beast II" by Shiro Sagisu from the Neon Genesis Evangelion soundtrack. I saw the spider again to-night, wrapping up something huge. No wonder she's gotten so big.

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