Sunday, July 24, 2011

Comic Con Reports Prelude

I don't know what news organisation the woman was with, but I can say I saw all four of the centaur's legs working.

I am too exhausted for a proper post about this year's Comic-Con, and I don't know if I'll have time to-morrow since I need to leave early to drive Amee to L.A. But it was fantastic, as usual. For now, here's this;

Twitter Sonnet #285

The new whale bridge strangles a street crossing.
Bloated Smurf leers at the wrong parking lot.
In the morning, weak lions drink frosting.
T-shirts impress they who are smoking pot.
The rice mummy signs with a silver pen.
Green gnomes come to the swimming adult booth.
Button mashing allows Marvel to win.
Luck for Quesada's networking in truth.
Colour copies pale beside paper depth.
Anime screams bewail paralyzed cabs.
Tubes and pipes bend more than brass can accept.
Rows of hollow beans are adequate abs.
Warhead love spits the burnt shape of a bird.
A shaded Poe mouth can barely be heard.

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