Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Filtration Systems

I dreamt last night I was swimming on some water park planet but in a waste recycling area with a lot of dangerous looking pipes and gears. I think I was being a daredevil or something. I saw Lady Gaga swimming with fifteen children, several of whom almost drowned when boulders started piling up in a maintenance room they got stuck in and the water level rose. I tried to convince Gaga to swim in another area, but she couldn't seem to hear me. For some reason I wished Octomom was there.

I watched "Blink" last night, a really amazing episode of Doctor Who with Carey Mulligan. It was amazing even though it didn't add up as well as I would have liked when I thought about it later (What's with the thrown crockery at the beginning? How did the Doctor get that guy to tell her to go to the police station? Maybe that was coincidence). But Mulligan's performance, the truly creepy weeping angels, some rather pretty photography, and the device of the Doctor speaking through DVD Easter eggs more than carried the episode. It was one of those episodes that really delighted me with the concept of time travel.

Well, okay, now I'm off to Comic-Con. I might not post at all over the next four days, if I do they'll be short posts. But I'll definitely be making Con reports as always afterwards. Ciao.

Twitter Sonnet #284

Bubbles of sweet fingers touch chocolate hell.
Icing smiles for the crushed cake beneath.
Johnny's mallet smacked guitar like a bell.
Cookie fortunes sew into gutless wreath.
Five digit orange paper files early.
Urgent aqueducts pop out of space time.
The photogenic lizards are surly.
Doctors ignore cocoanuts puking lime.
Rubber band flowers garnish a pink slab.
Quarter eyes wander over a nickel.
Young metal hips are rushed back to the lab.
Fashion obliged a farmer's glam sickle.
The huge hurried black felt tip missed a star.
Gold cosmic corn stapled ears to the bar.

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