Tuesday, July 05, 2011

We Must Expand the Sea

I saw yet another crayfish crossing the road to-day. It was 93° with 38% humidity to-day. It was tricky taking pictures of him because he kept trying to crawl into my shadow. I let him rest a moment against my shoe. He was slightly smaller than the last one--it'd be great if one day I was walking along and saw one the size of a bull.

Speaking of things that look like they oughta be in the water, this was my favourite toy when I was a kid;

I think it was part of a jewellery display in the Save-On where my mother worked. I've always been into mermaids--I guess it's no wonder one of my favourite toys now is Second Life, which has some of the best mermaid media out there.

These outfits are both from Vita's Boudoir, except for the mask, which is from Illusions, and the lei, which is by Artilleri.

A video game or simulated environment may be the best format for a mermaid, actually. Either that or a silent film. I was toying with the idea of doing a mermaid comic, if I'm somehow able to do a comic after the one I'm working on, but it seems like subject matter that's better with as little text as possible.

I'm so tired to-day. Barely slept, it feels. Can't really draw at all. Keep staring into space, losing my train of thought. Probably this has to do with the three glasses of Wild Turkey and two glasses of cognac I had yesterday at my parents' house. I'm by no means patriotic, but I will take an excuse to drink. I watched an episode of Jack-Ass with my sister, which I'd wanted to see an episode of ever since hearing those guys on The Howard Stern Show. There's something really endearing about their spirit. My favourite bit was where Steve-O snorted a live earthworm and coughed it up--still alive. Great shit to watch while drinking.

Twitter Sonnet #279

Blue power radiates from glass toothpaste.
Copper spider webs tense with a current.
Shark tooth rows in corsets might trim a waist.
Some bites are worse than images warrant.
Complex string antennae trace a false sign.
Dusty CDs shame the modern car thief.
Digital sounds and cold storage align.
Blue lightsabre sharks echo on the reef.
From face, sometimes a tooth must be removed.
Magic mist trawls over the bourbon top.
Who can say if the wax loch monster moved?
Now sky lights sparkle for the Blitzkrieg Bop.
Tuning fork battlements shiver with heat.
Tattered whoopee cushions prank no-one's seat.

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