Saturday, July 02, 2011

Space Mirror

The only problem I had with "The Girl in the Fireplace", the Doctor Who episode, was that it was much too short. In the form a of a four part serial, the evolution of Reinette's and the Doctor's relationship would've been a lot more effective--this is one that really needed to steep a bit. But otherwise, an utterly fantastic episode. The Doctor showing up in Reinette's life in various periods felt perfectly like a fairy tale when she was little and so as an adult he felt like a reflection of her. Which makes it a really lovely romance. The aesthetic with the clockwork aliens was great and the time mechanics made it feel more like classic Who than a lot of the other episodes.

I also watched Beetlejuice on Blu-Ray a couple nights ago--I think the problem I have with Tim Burton is that a lot of the time his point seems to be that those weirdos who wear the goth makeup are really just normal people. I don't like normal people. I guess that's why I think Sweeney Todd and Ed Wood are his best films. I guess one could say Edward Scissorhands is a weird guy, but I think it's more his circumstances. The point in that one is again that Edward's really just a plain, decent fellow inside.

Which is why it's too bad Beetlejuice isn't the main character of Beetlejuice. Though as it is, he's really just a series of broad gags, he doesn't have a lot of depth. He has a tiny, interesting moment when he asks Lydia why she would want to be dead--the fact that he doesn't ponder it long is also interesting. There's something potentially very interesting about his shallowness, I think. Maybe I oughta try watching the cartoon again. I suppose that probably wouldn't help.

Twitter Sonnet #278

Grey vines clutch a frightened wax militia.
Shadows of fort shutters conceal baileys.
Lumps of powder shrink with false inertia.
Shades of branches jitter in dry melees.
Fleshless arms grip fourteen iron babies.
Lashes of grid sunset make waffle scars.
Hot earth becomes compulsory trapeze.
Satan's cell phone signal is at full bars.
Arrow leaves drift down a dame building's leg.
White stones burn a mossy blackened old hearth.
Lazy fog hides a glitchy golden egg.
Mouldy marmalade oozes out the mark.
Green citrus tubes fade in the evening light.
The keep falls to mutton without a fight.

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