Thursday, July 14, 2011

On the Wall

Things I did to-day that would probably be emasculating if I weren't a pervert;

1. Going to the drug store and finding what I needed in the feminine needs section.

2. Holding this product in my urine stream and waiting for it to change colour.

The good news is I'm not pregnant. The better news is that I probably don't have another urinary tract infection. The old news is that I'm crazy, but at least this time I didn't have to see a doctor.

I did stay up all night constantly going back to the bathroom. I do feel like shit to-day. These things I can hold onto as comforting reminders of reality, I guess. It's a good thing I remembered I tend to get like this before or during important events. I feel like the old conception of a stegosaurus--I have one, happy little brain in my head that feels perfectly fine, but there's some big ass brain in my body that's constantly freaking out.

So I stayed up watching When a Woman Ascends the Stairs again in half hour fits. I love how subtly Hideko Takamine's emotional state comes across. When you find out she has an ulcer, little clues in her stiffness before that make sense, and at the same time her resolve makes sense. I watched the Criterion DVD bonus feature interview with Tatsuya Nakadai where he described her as nihilistic--then decided that wasn't right, saying instead that she knows things are hopeless but remains strong anyway.

I realised I tend to use food a lot in my Twitter sonnets, so this time I decided to avoid mentioning food. Then I decided the whole sonnet would be about food without explicitly mentioning food, except the first line. See if you can match up each line with its corresponding food(s).

Twitter Sonnet #282

Branching carapace enlarges shrimp tree.
1. Legless canaries vanish in white fog.
2. Tiny white stones snow on a crackling sea.
3. Serious novelties vex a false dog.
4. Fresh mudfall begins slowly to preserve
5. A melted picture of Robin Hood's hat.
6. Red confetti falls beside a pale nerve.
7. Wet beige leaves take bullets from a blue gat.
8. Green pastels melt over soft concrete slab.
9. Wet toenail arches layer on brown disk.
10. Striped buttons in bowls shine for all to grab.
11. Important rectangles drive men to risk.
12. Violet bulbs darken slowly and shrivel.
13. Starchy snake shapes submerged must stay civil.

a. Avocado on bread.
b. Crackers.
c. Refried beans.
d. Oatmeal with blueberries.
e. Peppermint candies.
f. Lemons in cocoanut milk.
g. A jalapeno.
h. Soy hot dogs.
i. Lays Potato chips (or crisps).
j. Grapes and/or raisins.
k. Sliced white onions and veggie burger patty.
l. Salsa and rice.
m. Ramen.

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