Friday, October 21, 2011

Bee Week Draws to a Close

Not my best week of amateur photography. These are the best four I got.

I haven't had time to watch much over the past few days. I've almost finished the first season of Arrested Development, which hit its stride at the eighth episode, "In God We Trust", written by Abraham Higgenbotham. He seems to have brought an effective template of dovetailed running gags the show seems to have kept thereafter.

I also watched the newest Boardwalk Empire, "What Does the Bee Do?" earlier in the week. Not bad--I really loved the scene where the Commodore has a stroke when Gillian, pretending to be a naked Diana, shoots him with a toy bow. Otherwise the episode was mostly just plot. Richard taking off his mask to pose for Angela's painting didn't make sense, and it seemed like they were just finding an excuse to have him take off his mask.

Twitter Sonnet #315

Timid skyscrapers brush lightly the smog.
Grey dollars dribble down gaseous chin.
Pirate souls vomit for want of ghost grog.
Muffin top covers the recycling bin.
Gravely told anecdotes have authorised
Atomic deployment of spiked citrus.
So youth's excitement has been cauterised
By a mint moustache alphabet circus.
Tinsel shivers around the carousel.
Silent horse shadows drift up a gold pike.
Nocturnal sunbathers choose Duracell.
Censored velvet paintings crippled the bike.
Muted phones glaze an anonymous back.
Terraformed red yarn balls will soon go slack.

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