Monday, October 31, 2011

Therapeutic Blood Baths

Happy Halloween, everyone.

It's hard to believe I've exhausted the supply of Ingrid Pitt horror movies to watch. Of the three films where she has a leading role, only two survive, and in Countess Dracula, which I watched last night, she's dubbed to cover her Polish accent. Which seems odd to me since she plays a Hungarian countess and one of the other actors has a very strong French accent.

The movie's about Elizabeth Bathory and proceeds with the idea that the blood of virgins really did restore Bathory's youth, if only temporarily. Ideas of age and beauty aren't really explored, though--the movie's mostly given over to plot business, though it's decently smart plot business. I liked a canny castle Librarian who looks like Nostradamus and came close to thwarting the Countess.

But mostly, I guess I'd have to say the best Ingrid Pitt film is The Vampire Lovers. The production values in Countess Dracula are much better--the costumes in The Vampire Lovers look like the cast and crew decided to make the movie during a dinner party and just raided the hostess's wardrobe and a nearby costume shop. But it has so much more heart and subtext--I wrote more about it back in April.

So now by the cruel designs of fate I have to actually go to school on Halloween night. I'll leave you with this;

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