Saturday, October 15, 2011

Body Issue Slapstick

I've rarely seen an anime series so obsessed with breasts as Mahoromatic, a GAINAX series from 2001 directed by the Hiroyuki Yamaga, whose other works couldn't prepare me for such a strenuous pace of fan service. I guess even a guy who directed a bittersweet film about space exploration and the elusiveness of world peace (Wings of Honneamise) and a gently nostalgic fantasy series (Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi) needs his kicks, too.

The premise is that Mahoro, a combat android, has come to the end of her military service and can choose either to be deactivated or switch to another function, in which case her remaining lifespan is just over a year. So she decides to serve as a maid for her beloved deceased commander's young son, Suguru Misato.

I'm guessing we'll be getting more into the relationship between those two, but so far (I'm four episodes in) it's been about a rivalry between Mahoro and Suguru's busty high school teacher, who appears to for some reason have a raging lust for the generally unremarkable teenage boy.

The signifying screenshots I could post are endless, as is demonstrated by the blog from whence I downloaded this anime. Lest you think the fan service is entirely devoted to the breast wars, the fourth episode has a giant robot crab who's bent on destroying every bikini on the beach. The action sequence in which Mahoro dispatches of the beast is incredibly well animated, so this show is full service id candy.

Mahoro I guess is another example of the idealised virginal character. She remonstrates Suguru for his porn collection, so there's a slight hint of hypocrisy here, but fortunately I'm too much of a pig to not enjoy the show.

Twitter Sonnet #313

Love can change your girders into rainbows.
More fumes in rubble than buildings express.
So the wood moth broadcast draws to a close.
Fizz blocks the flattened horse tides of success.
Lice expand over the blank snowman brain.
Hard boiled points make strange the red captain.
Bloody buckets stab wells swollen by rain.
Blue edge dyes wait for centres to happen.
Psycho crustaceans briefly steal swimwear.
Fires forge rose hater jalapeno.
Stinging smiles reward the beverage bear.
Roosevelt swallowed a Filipino.
Nude grapes shyly cover themselves with mould.
Level planes awkwardly fit in the fold.

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