Monday, March 26, 2012

Time of the Baby

This is a young lizard I saw on Saturday. I sure have been seeing a lot of baby animals lately. I guess that means it's spring. It's been raining a lot lately, too, which I'm getting kind of tired of.

Poor Snow and his missing tail. Though every time I see him now a part of me thinks, "Oh, what a tiny bear." It is kind of cute when he wiggles it.

I really hope a microphone accidentally picking up Obama saying to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, "After my election I have more flexibility" doesn't endanger his chances of being re-elected. I mean, it's absurdly obvious that neither Romney nor Santorum has a chance in hell of beating him, but I can just see the American public squirming at the truth being expressed so plainly. It's certainly not a conclusion the 24 hour news networks would want anyone to reach. The last thing you want in a soap opera is a conclusion.

So now I can use for tags on this Live Journal entry "cats, baby animals" and "Medvedev". That should net me a few hundred extra page views.

Now hear this;

Twitter Sonnet #368

Glowing beakers make the tile turn blue.
Leafy hats take the itch from the great sky.
Hollowed hills hide the spoiled Mountain Dew.
The empty reindeer heads don't have to lie.
Stain glass antennae stir sticky cocktails.
Blonde brows rise when they meet a strange hairline.
Fingerprint dye thinks of saving the whales.
Gloomy Martians miss the quiet fraulein.
Computer concentration negates tea.
Orange mutant rabbit fur has unchecked growth.
Onigiri grains pack the seaweed tree.
Decay decreed by ducks takes the new loaf.
Sparkling bread squeezes out the pinched rose star.
How'd you take your bus for another's car?

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