Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Return of Notepad

It's nice to be using a PC like this again. Last night I stayed at an apartment belonging to my sister and her boyfriend and they have a Mac. I was rather at a loss as to how to get anywhere with it, the one button mouse in itself perplexed me. I suppose even most PC users aren't addicted to using Notepad the way I am. I couldn't find the Mac equivalent and I suspect a programme like Notepad may be too simple for Apple.

So, yes, I was thrown out yesterday. For reasons more complicated than I probably ought to explain. I'd been living with my grandmother for over ten years. Lately some large scale family drama has resulted in bizarre, behind the scenes manoeuvrings. I heard an aunt I've barely spoken to for many years telling my grandmother on speaker phone what an awful person I was and how I was psychologically manipulating her. To do what, I have no idea.

For about a month now my grandmother had been picking fights with me with no provocation until it finally came to a head yesterday. Of course several Republican family members were there to help expel the liberal cancer from my grandmother's home, the weird asshole who had the gall to live there rent free just because he couldn't afford to pay rent and he happened to be family.

Anyway. Now I'm looking for a new place to live. Another relative, living in another part of the state, has agreed to help me with rent at a new place. I'm also looking for work though, if it goes anything like the last time I looked for work, I'm not very optimistic about it. But it can't hurt to try.

I'm at the Tech Mall at school--most of my things are being stored in the garage at my sister's place, including my computer. On my way back from there to-day I stopped in a grocery store and as I was crossing the parking lot a large man wearing a U.S. Navy sweater came up to me and said, "Excuse me, sir, I'm not asking for money but could you please let me wash your windshield so I can get something to eat?"

I said, "My windows are clean, thanks, but I can give you a couple dollars anyway--not much, I'm afraid, I just got thrown out myself." I suspect I'm still a lot luckier than that guy.

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