Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tooth Gravity

Happy Ada Lovelace Day (link found via and ).

I'm short on time to-day because of a dentist appointment--just a cleaning but I suspect it'll be painful due to enamel worn down on my sensitive teeth. I've been eating and drinking lots of acidic things and I couldn't help going back to tea drinking.

The past couple nights with dinner I've been making a really simplistic version of eggplant parmesan. I put three slices of eggplant in a pan, boil them with some olive oil for fifteen minutes, then scoop them out onto a plate and dump tomato sauce, parmesan, and provolone on them. I microwave it for about thirty seconds to melt the provolone. It seems to work well enough. I may try putting it between hamburger buns.

Last night I dreamt there was simultaneously a big paperwork mixup and a strange en masse caprice of human nature and practically no-one showed up on Friday at Comic-Con. Even most of the booth spaces weren't rented for just that one day. Only the wood and metal craft people who made trinkets and swords were there. Though, come to think of it, I haven't seen swords sold at Comic Con in years, which I guess makes sense considering the tougher rules on bringing anything to the Con that could be used as a weapon.

Twitter Sonnet #557

Four-way mantis rebuffs cinch the highway.
Bending maples point to the scale centre.
Elite tracks push the twelve dollar rich bay.
Cameras caught the trampled drake dissenter.
Water bullets forgotten scrunch carpet.
Godless glasses invert on the iris.
Oil elephants stomp on Jed Clampett.
No orb's an hourglass, noted Alice.
Fancy blunts on a king's bovine apple.
Stencils break American cheese to shreds.
Funnels fill paper crowns with old cattle.
Triangles multiply under your beds.
Blue book cover shards may bury the flame.
Heavy brown fur conceals a bow tie's name.

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