Monday, September 28, 2020

Candy is Everywhere

Japan is, fortunately, doing nothing to cure me of my love of Halloween candy. Behold, Apple Pie Kit Kats, which I understand are available in the U.S. They were a novelty for me and so good. I'd swear they taste warm.

For something more difficult to acquire in the U.S., try this Kimetsu no Yaiba candy bar:

I took this photo while getting on a train in Osaka. Nezuko, the demon girl, wears a bamboo bit to prevent her from biting people--or is it a bamboo bit? The concept behind this candy bar seems to be to suggest that it's secretly chocolate with green tea frosting. It was pretty good.

Kimetsu no Yaiba is massively popular around here. Everywhere I go there are cards, stationary, stickers, candy, cookies--anything that can have an Kimetsu no Yaiba image stuck on it. Being a series about demons it seems to fit nicely among the Halloween candy.

Here are a couple more recent photos:

A couple local birds:

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