Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Calcified Shackles

When I saw the headline on Huffington Post that read simply, "Famed English Rocker Compares Queen To Mubarak, Gadaffi," I instantly thought, "It's Morrissey, isn't it?"

Indeed it was, from an essay he wrote for Hot Press. It's kind of sad how rare it is nowadays to hear a popular artist condemn the royalty.

The Smiths -The Queen Is Dead.... by samithemenace

I'm short on time to-day because my alarm didn't go off for some reason. Kind of guzzling my green tea with cocoanut milk.

I've switched to Silk's cocoanut milk exclusively for my fake milk needs because it somehow contains 50% more calcium than cow's milk, one cup supplying 45% of the daily recommended calcium. This quite dwarfs every other fake milk I've looked at--hemp, soy, and rice tend to have only 30% and the competing brand's cocoanut milk has just 10%. I figure the Silk cocoanut milk in my coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon followed by a Cliff bar, which has 25% of the day's necessary calcium, covers me adequately. Maybe this'll slow the eternal disintegration of my teeth.

Last night I had the cocoanut milk with Triple Sec, an experiment I was hesitant to try as I couldn't find any posts online endorsing the mixture. Turned out to be insanely good.

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