Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Short Things and Shorter Things

Short on time to-day since I had to study for to-night's history final. We're allowed to bring in one page of notes, but I didn't bother putting one together. It's pretty unlikely I'll get a grade that'll seriously effect my grade in any case.

I watched the new Panty and Stocking OVA with breakfast to-day. Here it is in its entirety;

I think the first joke depends on the similarity of the words shikyu (uterus) and pitchu (pitch). The bit that provoked an involuntary "Holy shit" from me, though, was the one the title of which is subtitled as "Brothers" though the Katakana actually says "Brothers of the Roundhead". Whatever the fuck that means.

Twitter Sonnet #265

Banana peels and soggy towels pile.
So the bleeding bins break before sundown.
Astronaut legs spend days on a mile.
Cicada haze transports the yellow town.
Stencil glory etched holes in the ceiling.
Famished demons dully praise a rare mint.
Extra teachers question without feeling.
Grey news through erased white channels is sent.
Easy puzzle pieces are very square.
Fat orbs unlock doors of obesity.
Perfect protein exists but few know where.
Diesel fuels bad films with velocity.
You've not lived 'til you've touched a live duck tongue.
Breath leaves no room for a real decent lung.

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