Friday, May 13, 2011

You'll Never Guess to Who You're Talkin'

Currently under the giant warm wet concrete tongue of last night's margarita. I guess I was celebrating the one week anniversary of Cinco de Mayo--well, I figured I'd better use the other lemon I bought that night before it went bad.

In my history class last night, the teacher went over a quiz we took last week, finding several of the wrong answers people had were technically right answers due to the poor wording of the questions. In my anthropology class, the teacher talked about how he didn't like No Country for Old Men because he found none of the characters to be likeable. Me, I wondered when the black freighter was going to show up. Or the black raider.

I finished reading the first volume of Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Century: 1910 at school yesterday, which was mostly built around The Threepenny Opera, particularly the song "Pirate Jenny". It sent my brain in a weird loop because "black freighter" in the comic's lyrics is changed to "black raider". And I thought, "Wasn't it 'black freighter' to begin with? No, that's the name of the comic within a comic in Watchmen. Or is that one a reference to 'Pirate Jenny'? And it's changed here because Moore wanted to avoid seeming as though he's referencing Watchmen?" There also seemed to be an oblique reference to From Hell when MacHeath of Threepenny Opera is pardoned of the Jack the Ripper crimes and Mycroft Holmes says, "It seems that in our new century, fortune is set to favour Mr. MacHeath and his kind . . ."

It was a good comic, much too short. I guess it is only the first volume in a series. The idea of Pirate Jenny being Captain Nemo's daughter rather appealed to me. I think she's strong enough to have her own series.

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