Thursday, May 19, 2011

Drifting Over Drops

This'll be my last regular night of school--next week's finals. Looks like my history final will be the harder of the two. My anthropology teacher told the class that the final will not be cumulative, that it'll just cover the last couple weeks' lectures, because, he said, he didn't see how cumulative finals were conducive to learning. He said teachers who gave cumulative finals were bastards. Indeed, what can asking a student to demonstrate knowledge of information taught at the beginning of class have to do with encouraging them to learn what was taught throughout the semester?

I'm more worried about my dentist appointment on Monday, actually. It would be a fitting end to a semester that barely got off the ground thanks to a stomach flu and urinary tract infection in the first week. It would be nice symmetry if in the last week I learned I needed a root canal or something.

Just when I thought summer was finally starting to get underway, it rained again.

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