Sunday, May 29, 2011

Game Reality

I was already looking forward to Skyrim before I found out yesterday Max von Sydow's going to be in it as a knight who's a mentor of sorts for the player character. It's going to be like having Antonius Block from The Seventh Seal as your companion;

It's hard to imagine better casting for a game taking place in a fantasy version of medieval Scandinavia unless they resurrected Ingrid Bergman.

I've been enjoying New Vegas still but lately I've been finding myself playing a lot of Bubble Bobble, the game that had the courage to suggest that dinosaurs breathed bubbles.

I'd been playing it while listening to The Howard Stern Show but yesterday I found myself playing it while watching parts 2, 3, and 4 of "Mindwarp", the second and last Doctor Who serial to be written by Philip Martin, who wrote the similarly excruciating "Vengeance on Varos". Though "Mindwarp" isn't quite as bad since it featured the rather horrific death of Peri. I actually felt really bad for her, and whenever I feel anything for anyone in the Colin Baker era, it kind of surprises me. She had her head shaved and her mind replaced with that of a slug creature before she was shot--I mean, wow. It makes me wonder if the show runners really hated her. I almost feel like it's wrapped in self-loathing for Peri's primary role as eye candy.

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