Wednesday, May 18, 2011

World of Fail

Twitter Sonnet #263

Vitamins strain a wet rice paper cup.
Golden fat sighs into divine smile.
Hooves slide from the squirrelly yahoo's stirrup.
More want salt than I've seen in a while.
Grains like stars shoot over the buffalo.
Tongue men are aroused by black outer space.
Hybrid babes buy amniotic Jell-O.
Lime moles betray the captain's bubbly face.
Chain hoods conceal what's not worth concealing.
Liquid soldiers seep in snail memory.
The pitted clouds are slow at revealing.
A green fairy draught sunk the armoury.
Villain bud blooms into a big beetle.
Vinyl rain takes the Earth for a needle.

Still muscling my way through Colin Baker. Only nine more stories to go and I can say I climbed this colour blind, high school drama student mountain. Really, the only good thing about the show now is Peri's breasts, but they're not enough even for me. It is sort of fascinating listening to her try and maintain an American accent. Sometimes she sounds kind of Australian, which makes me wonder if Australians and Americans sound similar to an English ear.

I stayed up too late playing chess last night. Thanks to a stunning series of blunders, I ended up losing when I had two rooks versus my opponent's two pawns. Three people I know were watching the game and all of them tried to tell me it happens to everyone, it's important to play just for fun. Only Morrissey could write a song for the kind of feeling this inspires;

Though actually it wasn't so much the shame of losing that got me as it was a sort of awe at how bad I was playing. It kind of went past shame to something bigger--I think it touched a superstitious nerve, like I became aware of being cursed or something.

I started writing the script for my next comic yesterday. It's so much simpler than Venia's Travels I actually felt a little hesitant to keep writing. I asked myself, shouldn't I add like fifteen more layers or something? But I reminded myself that my intention was to write a much shorter and simpler piece, a set of three or four 24 page issues. And much more of a comedy than I've written before. The idea was to actually try and sell this one to a publisher.

I may have more time to work on it during the summer than I thought because it's looking unlikely I'll be able to get any classes in the summer. Looks like my Anthropology teacher was telling the truth about the massive budget cuts, in fact I think he may have sold the cuts short. I went into the bookstore to pick up the summer schedule only to be told they weren't being printed this time, that the schedule would only be available online. I downloaded it last night and was astonished by how short it is. Few of the classes I need are even being offered and classes filled up fast last semester. They'll probably go in the blink of an eye this time. I suppose I can pounce on the very instant registration becomes possible, though I suspect when I do it'll be attempting to log onto an incredibly sluggish, overtaxed server only to find the classes full when I finally get through.

Meanwhile there's a bunch of unfinished construction on campus. There's sure a lot of fucking up going on.

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