Monday, May 09, 2011

The Mysteries of Beta-Carotene

Twitter Sonnet #260

Small frog statements rock the snail heavy leaf.
Computer eyes can't see the orange heart mote.
An angel watched the kid like Lee Van Cleef.
Amphibians choose to stand or to float.
Green gold sticks to the foggy stream bottom.
Blindfolded Real Dolls decide Coke's blank taste.
Tori Amos PAs spark cell autumn.
Prisons crowd with weird fern nuclear waste.
Orange juice cures set with the sugar tooth sun.
Spies got past Olympia Dukakis.
The King's old guards slept face down in their rum.
Iron flowers took spice of Arrakis.
Ancient ring winds through nutrients still blow.
The last of the crinkle cut carrots go.

Watching a bit of Steel Magnolias with my mother and sister yesterday, I realised Olympia Dukakis is one of my least favourite actresses of all time. I don't think I'd mind how smug she seems so much, though, if the movies she's in didn't seem to sympathise with her most of the time.

I finished watching "Frontios" to-day, the first decent serial of Doctor Who's twenty first season. I don't think I appreciated writer Christopher Bidmead as much in the previous serials of his I'd watched--"Logopolis" and "Castravolva", though I thought both were fine. But after "Warriors of the Deep" and "The Awakening", he seems like a genius, despite the fact that the production designer apparently committed suicide during production of "Frontios". I'll assume it was unrelated.

"The Awakening" was kind of a nice idea--historical re-enactment gone deadly. But it lacked real invention, the characters again running around from plot point to plot point. I appreciated the quoted dialogue from the Errol Flynn Robin Hood;

SIR GEORGE: You speak treason!

THE DOCTOR: Fluently.

Though it doesn't sound as natural coming from the Doctor as from Errol Flynn.

"Frontios" had more fun working within the Doctor Who universe, like Turlough threatening the colonists with a hat stand, or the Doctor pretending to be friends with the Tractators.

Also, I'm loving Tegan's sexy little leather skirt.

Here's last night's spider in my bedroom;

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