Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm Surrounded by Killers

Snow caught a mouse yesterday;

Music in the video is by Ennio Morricone from The Thing soundtrack, Carmine Coppola from The Godfather Part II soundtrack, and Kroke from their album Ten Pieces to Save the World.

I'd actually missed Snow's initial capture of the mouse. I was taking pictures of a spider when I noticed Snow on the fence peering at something on the other side with an intensity that made me put my shoes on so I could walk across the grass and dirt with my camera. While I filmed him, he leapt down to the other side and intently watched a bush for a long time. I finally gave up and switched off the camera when he suddenly sprang forward and I heard a small but very clear squeak. Snow emerged carrying the mouse by the scruff like it was his kitten and proceeded to parade his prize in circles around the whole house. Finally he stopped and set it down to re-enact the capture for my camera (where the footage begins) and to increase the terror of his victim.

My camera was running out of battery power or I would have recorded Snow tossing the mouse up in the air several times. When I left him finally to go inside, the mouse was still alive.

Twitter Sonnet #267

Hungry trees knock down little apple minds.
Hollow point water bottles gash your thirst.
In jail, stripes smell like watermelon rinds.
Female key chains are so pink they could burst.
Parental death races round blank junior.
Woozy snipers see swaying scope crosshairs.
Mounds of butter support pickle mayor.
Newt Gingrich has bad buffalo nightmares.
The cheeseburger can never kill live prey.
Delayed murder moves in shrinking spirals.
Quick squeaks are all a running mouse can say.
Even outside Cheshire the cat smiles.
The sightless mask permits an emerald eye.
Distant train screech sounds like a metal sigh.

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