Thursday, December 01, 2016

Bird and Mollusc Overseers

I woke up and jumped out of bed two hours before my alarm this morning. I never have nightmares but early this morning I had such a strong impression of three octopuses or squids floating above my head I felt I had to get up and out of the way. They were neither octopus or squid, really, but some animal with tentacles, each about the size of a hat. One was blue, one was red, and one was a greyish yellow.

I had lunch at Fashion Valley Mall again to-day where I continue to be impressed by the boldness and variety of birds.

All the Christmas decorations have been up at the malls for quite some time, of course. Here's an old police car that was somehow included at a mall I went to a few weeks ago:

Finally, here's a pretty regal raven I saw at a power station by the trolley station a few weeks ago;

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