Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Insubstantial Fingers

Twitter Sonnet #157

Unicycle blanks drool from the pistol.
Clowns of latitude paint the globe like snails.
Betty Grable makes love to a missile.
Plutonium's baled from the boat in pails.
Grey ice teeth rows line a rolodex mouth.
Blue pits pull disintegrating apples.
Acidic ice cream rots oceans to south.
With a grinder, dying Play-doh grapples.
Elves are all women when they're on TV.
Prehensile penises are too coarse.
An ancient Viking has grown too heavy.
Perry Farrell was caught stealing Triforce.
Random ravenous hands are multiplied.
Nutrasweet powder webs and limbs collide.

For a couple days, when I was a teenager, I played Zelda II for hours on end while listening to Jane's Addiction's Ritual de lo Habitual on repeat. Since then, I can't play Zelda II without thinking of Jane's Addiction, and I can't listen to Jane's Addiction without thinking of Zelda II. I listened to Ritual de lo Habitual while drawing yesterday for the first time since I sold my copy of the album at least ten years ago.

To-day I listened to Nick Cave while drawing. I generally find albums I like either really impress me at first but gradually lose my enthusiasm over time, or don't impress me greatly at first while gaining a huge appreciation from me over time. Nick Cave albums tend to be of the former category. I listened to Murder Ballads to-day, which I loved the first fifteen or so times I listened to it, but a lot of it, particularly "Song of Joy" and "O'Malley's Bar", started to just seem too affected, too stilted somehow to me. Nick Cave oddly starts to sound like a Nick Cave impressionist. But I kind of enjoyed the album to-day.

I walked to my parents' house for lunch and took a bunch of pictures;

There was a bee examining the fallen flower petals;

I don't think I'd seen this particular kind of spider around here before.

I loved how the sunset was throwing whiskey coloured ribbons over everything.

When I got back, one of the caterpillars was at the front door. I have a weird feeling he was one of the ones I let go yesterday, wanting back in.

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