Monday, June 07, 2010

Life in Hairy Green Pyjamas and High Wire Meals

Last night's tweets;

Lemons race on wet caffeine lubricant.
Zinc bees run afoul of taser stamen.
Fake gods can't fail a fevered supplicant.
Dizzy elves hurriedly talk X-Men.

It must really be caterpillar season around here right now. Snow and I viewed this one yesterday;

Music is "Teenage Wildlife" by David Bowie, which I can't believe YouTube let me get away with, probably because I kept the native sound in the video. So, I guess, poor people can't add the YouTube clip to some unwieldy rigged browser playlist instead of buying the track.

Here's Snow trying to determine what exactly I'm after as best he can with cross eyes;

I took a page from the pretty cowgirl's book and put the caterpillar up on a leaf, out of the way. He immediately curled up into this tight little ball.

That evening, I found an enormous spider web in front of the house with a big orange spider in the middle. It may have been the same one from yesterday, only grown.

Putting back the step ladder I used to get the pictures, I saw this daddy long legs in the garage;

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