Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Unbidden Teeth

I've just gotten back from the dentist, who told me I have eight cavities, a chipped filling, and gum disease. I need fillings, crowns, and my wisdom teeth finally removed. I wish I'd been born a duck. I'm so tired of my teeth. I'd really prefer the cheaper route of just having all the cavity riddled teeth removed. I figure all I really need is four teeth to chew, but everyone seems to think that's pretty crazy. I kept thinking of the Doctor Who serial I've been watching lately, "The Gunfighters", which features a scene where The Doctor, having a toothache, simply has the tooth extracted by Doc Holiday. Didn't even think about trying to save the tooth. No-one told him he was crazy. Sure, William Hartnell was in his late 50s at the time, but still. He's an alien. I wonder if all the other incarnations of The Doctor are missing the same tooth.

I suspect I'm enjoying "The Gunfighters" a lot more than most people. Somehow old Tombstone feels more like a distinctly different time and place than those featured in other episodes, despite a number of anachronisms. Many of those anachronisms are due to the other thing I'm enjoying about the serial, the almost total failure to emulate American accents and dialect. When at first a bunch of gunslingers on horseback appeared onscreen, sounding like a bunch of London hoods, I thought they'd decided to not even bother trying to do American accents, which I thought was actually sensible. Since everywhere they'd gone, however alien, everyone had spoken English, what was the sense of getting accents right? But, no, a few scenes later I realised the actors were trying, just failing kind of completely. The most fascinating is the guy playing Wyatt Earp, who I think may have been a Scottish actor, but his American accent comes out sounding almost German.

Here's a lizard I saw on my way back from the grocery store to-day;

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