Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Objects in My Mouth

Last night's tweets;

Spotty thick flesh wanders to the Target.
Cheese sloughs over the Irish burrito.
Zeus melts the ice sculpture of Bob Saget.
Bored drummers once performed in Perdido.

For the past couple days, it seems like I've been hearing The Talking Heads abnormally often in stores and restaurants. Then to-day I learned David Byrne is suing a U.S. senate candidate for unauthorised use of a Talking Heads song in a campaign ad.. I guess Talking Heads are exciting again?

I ate at an Irish restaurant for lunch yesterday because I'd been haunted by the memory of boxty, which I had for the first time on Christmas. It's something I'd like to be able to know how to make, but looking up the recipe on line I knew it was beyond my ken when I saw it called for mixing in flour. Maybe I oughta take a cooking class.

For those who don't know, boxty is a sort of potato pancake. The place I was at served it wrapped around vegetables and coated with cheddar cheese. It comes out to be something like a burrito, and since my stomach hasn't been taking to Mexican food lately, which I used to love, this meal seems like just the thing. The place also served it with mashed potatoes, and I had a potato last night for dinner as well. More and more, my life's becoming consumed with potatoes. I don't know what I'd do if this moody body of mine decided to reject them.

I had a dental appointment to-day as family members have grown concerned again about the fact that I'm missing one of my front teeth. I've had a retainer with a goofy little false tooth at the front of it for about sixteen years, and I don't usually wear it anymore since it's uncomfortable and hardly fools anyone. To-day, the dentist showed me how permanent fake teeth work with a model, and it looked like the idea was to put a no less than two inch screw in my head, through the gums and up towards my nose. It looked exactly like the screws I saw when I took my ceiling fan apart a couple weeks ago, only a little bigger.

I found it to be a little daunting, I must say, and not just because it looked like a serious first step to becoming Darth Vader. It was also expensive, something like four grand. Another retainer would be around 370, but it looks like I might go for a halfway measure, called a "partial".

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