Friday, June 18, 2010

Organised Duck Crime

Twitter Sonnet #153

Southern water spots take seven months off.
Lever action ideas defy rifles.
Drunken horses somehow circled Rostov.
Terrorists choked Porky Pig with truffles.
Paper explodes under a plastic fist.
Small moist merchandise shrinks on the goat's shelf.
With the wave of a hoof, bridge crew's dismissed.
Spock was eaten by a cannibal elf.
The Milky Way burns into new glasses.
Sin's litter races to the Nestle pound.
Circles of dogs attend cat skin classes.
Captives of Felix's bag hear no sound.
The eyelid wasteland wraps into the sack.
Acidic lipstick fights a sucker's plaque.

I had some stale hamburger buns I took to the river to-day and gave to some rather vicious ducks;

Music's by Nino Rota from The Godfather part II soundtrack.

I've been eating Morning Star's vegetarian burgers for a while now, and I've just started eating their California Turkey patties. Insanely good. Nothing like turkey, of course, but then I probably wouldn't like it. These buns, however, were awful. At least the ducks enjoyed them. I was surprised by how aggressive they were. A couple times, you might be able to tell in the video, a duck would actually reach around the camera to some bread I held back in my palm. It's a good thing they were so discerning--I got a couple nips on my fingers but nothing bad.

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