Thursday, April 28, 2011

As Little as Possible

Very short on time right now. I need to get to class pretty soon--I'm turning in a paper for my anthropology class, the writing of which yesterday felt a bit absurd.

The assignment was to write about an article, essay, book, or something else and discuss how aspects of the piece relate to things about anthropology we've learned--I'd gotten approval to use Inside the Victorian Home.

The thing is, the paper is to be no longer than two pages, double spaced, fourteen point font, and the teacher told us he would look more favourably on papers that are only one page. He also told us to use the standard five paragraph essay format. Which basically sounded like he was asking us to do something physically impossible. My paper just barely spills over into a second page and my last paragraph is one sentence. I don't think I need say it's hardly one of the best things I've ever written.

I followed a raven around yesterday, but they so don't like being photographed. This is the best picture I got;

It's like they can detect my interest in them. I find bees a lot easier to take pictures of, actually.

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