Friday, June 08, 2012

Echo Erosion and an Egret

Well, the new webcomic is online, it's called Echo Erosion. Have a look. Feel free to comment.

Also, here are some pictures of an egret I saw on a nice, secluded spot on the river when I went for a walk the other day;

Twitter Sonnet #393

Armchair amulets cast lazy glamour.
Canaries are tied round the albatross.
Leaves are treasure in the clean Hate Hummer.
All regular guests need plaques to emboss.
Infinite staples recurs the grape seed.
Ornate OshKosh flattens the armoury.
Bushroot's whirlybird's blade is just a weed.
So the lost Ward was called Montgomery.
Alvin acclimates chipmunk changes bad.
Lilies sort rings slowly at the old bank.
Yarn can double a suit's level of rad.
2D pawns can slip back to the wrong rank.
Wilting shadows pack the elevator.
Coal potpourri eggs an alligator.

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