Monday, March 30, 2015

Know Your Lizard

Last night I dreamt I had a very friendly pet iguana--friendlier than the one in Terminator (I wonder what happened to that iguana). I lived in a larger apartment than I live in now and there were several people living with me who had permanent, constantly bleeding injuries they were not conscious of due to an elaborate mass hallucination woven by the iguana.

It seems an appropriate enough dream to have had before reading the new Sirenia Digest this morning which mentioned iguanas, in fact. But no eggplants despite the fact that it was the second half of what the author, Caitlin R. Kiernan, called "The Aubergine Alphabet". I was waiting for that eggplant to drop but eggplants were probably a bit too silly for a series of alphabetical vignettes--each taking a letter of the alphabet for a prompt--that dwelt on the horrific circumstances of an alien shipwreck, explorations of Lovecraft's Ulthar and Yog-Sothoth, and, of course, strange sex, in this case most strikingly in a meditation on the visual resemblance the orchid bears to the human vagina. Always a good subject and Caitlin explores it in her inimitable way.

I'm at the college tech mall making my entry to-day, I didn't feel like taking my laptop to school. The only typing in this crowded room of computers in use is coming from mine, a glance at other screens shows me footage from what appears to be a Japanese soap opera, some kind of video game involving rows of jewels, and an American reality show. I don't know if I've ever seen these computers used for study, as the signs posted about the room say they're exclusively meant for.

Twitter Sonnet #731

Bergman gifts filter sunless tricycles.
Inanimate maelstrom thrift stores stay put.
Calcium clouds rain like sick icicles.
Intolerant titans breathe Lilliput.
Columns of carotene reveal the grace.
Shy clips collect behind the smallest shirt.
Euro Disney deserts the eardrum race.
An extra tin whistle could only hurt.
Unfound chocolate paper graphs Ken's demise.
Quoth, "He tried to kill him with a forklift."
Neutral colour overalls prompt surmise.
The sands of Dairy Queen no spoon *could* sift.
Sanitised taser soirees remit sparks.
Unpaid police ledgers gestate rock larks.

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